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The company is a professional smart home company integrating production, research and development, and manufacturing. Among them, LEZN and Hoh Xil are currently one of the leading brands in the industry for fully automatic smart locks.


Since its establishment, the company has insisted on building a domestic high-end smart home brand, following the slogan of "enjoying life with smart technology",Shouldering the mission of making smart homes enter the homes of ordinary people, doing what the market needs and what consumers think, and forming a smart lock, smart home A smart home series brand that can develop in many aspects such as home security and artificial intelligence.


LEZN and Hoh Xil Lock's production scale, product research and development, and quality brands are all in the leading position in the dry industry. LEZN and Hoh Xil have outlets and customer service centers all over the world, and their sales network is all over the world.



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