i11 Face version
i11 Face version
i11 Face version
i11 Face version
i11 Face version
  • i11 Face version
  • i11 Face version
  • i11 Face version
  • i11 Face version
  • i11 Face version

i11 Face version

Available colors: Jazz Grey, Earl Gold Functional features: Shang Tang facial features, fingerprints, passwords, card swiping, mechanical keys, remote unlocking, remote control (optional) Functional features: high-definition cat eye, stay alarm

Keywords: Lock

  • Commodity name: i11 Face version


  • Details
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  • Technical Parameters
    Available colors:grey,E-Black
    Unlocking method: SenseTime face, fingerprint, password, card swiping, mechanical key, remote unlocking, remote control (optional)
    Features: active video intercom, stay capture
    face recognition
    Super C-level lock cylinder
    fingerprint unlock
    Bring your own doorbell
    WeChat temporary password unlock
    Mobile phone remote unlock
    password protection unlock
    encrypted magnetic card unlock
    low voltage alarm
    Anti-small black box opening
    Abnormal capture
    stay alarm
    key unlock
    Tamper alarm
    Visual peephole
    Power supply mode: DC-7.4V4200mAh lithium battery
    Remote unlocking: Tuya app
    Display: 4.5 inch HD
    Static power consumption: ≤200uA
    External emergency power supply: Micro USB 5V
    Fingerprint head: Self-learning capacitive pressing type
    Battery service life Door opening times ≥3000 times
    Number of face users: 50 IDs
    Number of management users: 10 IDs
    Number of ordinary users: 240IDs
    Total number of users:≤250 IDs
    Number of fingerprint users: 100
    Number of card users: 100
    Number of password users: 100 groups
    Working temperature: -20 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius
    Working humidity: relative humidity 15%~93%
    Operation records: scroll 600

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